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Technical and Vocational education and training in Bosnia and Herzegovina (TVET in BiH)

The primary aim of the project is systematic integration of dual organised education and training into the structures and processes of public and private TVET actors in BiH.

Project duration:
03/2017 – 08/2023
Education sector:
Secondary Education, VET
Chamber of commerce and industry of RS, Chamber of commerce of USK, Chamber of commerce of ZDK, Chamber of Economy of Canton Sarajevo, High school center "Nedzad Ibrisimovic" Ilijas, High School Center Hadžići, High school center Vogosca, High School of Catering and Tourism Sarajevo, Mechanical school Prijedor, Ministry of education and culture of the Republika Srpska, Ministry of Education of Canton Sarajevo, Ministry of education, science, culture and sport of ZDC, Ministry of education, youth, science, culture and sport of BPC, Mixed high school Tešanj, Pedagogical Institute of BPK, Pedagogical Institute of ZDK, Republic Pedagogical Institute, Secondary Technical School “Hasib Hadzovic” Gorazde, Secondary Vocational and Technical School Gradiška, Secondary Vocational School “Dzemal Bijedic” Gorazde, Union of Employers’ Associations of RS
GIZ BiH - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), SDC - Development and Cooperation
Project implemented in:
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska
Zenica-Doboj Canton, Sarajevo Canton, Bosnia –Podrinje Canton, Una-Sana Canton
Municipalities (11):
Banja Luka, Bihać, Goražde, Gradiška, Hadžići, Ilijaš, Prijedor, Sarajevo, Tešanj, Vogošća, Zenica

Project supports the exchange between public and private structures of cantons and entities in the further development of framework conditions for dual organised vocational education and training. In addition to this, support is provided to selected vocational schools, formal economy, pedagogical institutes and minis-tries of education in the improvement of the exercise of their roles in the planning and implementation of dual organised vocational education and training. Project is focused on the following:

  • Introducing relevant pre-requisites through the introduction of practice-oriented dual organised education and training elements at selected vocational education institutions and consultancy regarding legal and institutional framework conditions;
  • Supporting exchange processes at the level of municipalities, cantons and entities for the purpose of integrating dual organised vocational education and training; 
  • Enabling the selected vocational schools to implement labour market-oriented dual organised education in selected professions i.e. to better perform their key role regarding the provision of a labour market-oriented and high-quality vocational education and training and to educate young men and women in compliance with labour market needs in the future;
  • Integration of dual organised vocational education and training at companies providing training opportunities;
  • Enabling the selected chambers of commerce and associations as well as pedagogical institutes to support vocational schools and companies in the implementation of dual organised vocational education and training.

Strategic priorities (Riga Document) addressed by this intervention:

  • 1. Riga priority: Promote work-based learning in all of its formats, with a special focus on practice, involvement of social partners, companies, chambers of commerce and VET providers 
  • 2. Riga priority: Further develop quality assurance mechanisms in VET
  • 5. Riga priority: Systematic approaches and possibilities for initial and continuous professional training of teachers, trainers and mentors

Materials produced within the project:

More informations about project: